The 3 Rs of DNA: Molecules to Medicine

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The 3 Rs of DNA: Molecules to Medicine

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The 3 Rs of DNA: Molecules to Medicine

Video Description:

(September 25, 2009) Gilbert Chu, Stanford School of Medicine Professor of Medicine and Biochemistry, discusses how DNA works and recombination works, and how these great discoveries are both advantageous and problematic for medicinal treatment.

Course Description :

Stanford Mini Med School is a series arranged and directed by Stanford's School of Medicine, and presented by the Stanford Continuing Studies program. Featuring more than thirty distinguished, faculty, scientists and physicians from Stanford's medical school, the series offers students a dynamic introduction to the world of human biology, health and disease, and the groundbreaking changes taking place in medical research and health care.

Lecture 2: The 3 Rs of DNA: Molecules to Medicine

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